Shadow Detective Season 2 (2023)

Shadow Detective Season 2 (2023)

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Other name: 형사록 시즌2 舊案尋兇 2 旧案寻凶 2 Hyeongsarok Sijeun 2 Shadow Detective S2 Shadow Detective 2 Veteran Detective Season 2 Veteran Detective S2 Veteran Detective 2 Detective Records Season 2 Detective Records S2 Detective Records 2 Дорама Тень детектива Сезон 2

Original network: Hulu; Disney Plus;

Director: Han Dong Hwa [한동화]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Detective, Drama, Investigation, Miniseries, Mystery


Unfolds the ultimate counterattack of veteran homicide detective Kim Taek Rok, who has returned to investigate the secret mastermind behind the blackmailer 'Friend'.

(Source: Sports Chosun)

Episodes: 8

Cast Stars
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