Happiness Come On

Happiness Come On

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Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Drama


Fumie (Sawa Suzuki) marries yakuza Tetsuo (Masayuki Imai) and she gives birth to their son Tetsuya. Fumie raises Tetsuya with love, but while she experiences tough times she becomes addicted to drugs. After Fumie receives treatment at a hospital for her addiction, she moves to her parents' house with Tetsuya. At her parents' home, Fumie experiences withdrawals and is hospitalized again. Meanwhile, Tetsuya is sent to an orphange until he graduates from elementary school. Tetsuya grows up lonely, missing his mother. He becomes interested in an employee who plays the guitar. Finally, Tetsuya (Yuma Ishigaki) leaves the orphanage and looks for his mother. Tetsuya is shocked to learn that his mother Fumie lives with new man.
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