Handsome (2022)

Handsome (2022)

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Other name: 핸썸 Haensseom

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy

Airs: Jul 14, 2022


If you look at my face, I'm 100% a gangster! One day, he became the most handsome guy in the squad! Police officer 'No Mi-nam' is in the midst of a criminal investigation, and unlike his nice and gentle personality, he looks more like a gangster just by looking at his face. One day, he woke up a month after his surgery following an accident while stopping a fellow detective's fight. But, when he woke up, his face changed?! He became the most handsome guy in the world from being a gangster-like to 'No Mi-nam (handsome guy)'! 'No Mi-nam fell in love with narcissism, which seems to change the way others see him. After accepting his face, he became the biggest headache of the squad and ended up being pushed into a deep-dive investigation of a hair salon on the outskirts. A huge opportunity came to my ugly self! What's the result?
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