Crazy Love (2013)

Crazy Love (2013)

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Other name: 미친사랑 瘋狂愛情 Madly Love

Director: Lee Chang Han [이창한]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama, Family, melodrama, Romance


This drama tells the story of a woman who meets the love of her life at the most desperate time. Yoon Mi So is an orphan with adopted family and married to Lee Min Jae. Unhappy that Yoon Mi So cannot have any more children other than daughter Hae Ram, Lee Min Jae's mother would like him to marry someone else like Lee Sun Hee. Seo Kyung Soo is an attorney working for unscrupulous Oh Tae San and is unhappily married to Oh Rae Young, Oh Tae San's daughter. One day Yoon Mi So's and Seo Kyung Soo's paths cross and changes their lives and lives of the people around them.
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